What Are You Releasing Over Your Region

Friday at our corporate prayer meeting, I felt impressed by God to pray in a peculiar way for my region. I don’t limit anything to just my city because I feel like we are called to regions and territories. Those regions my not be the region we think. While I may be thinking Western North Carolina, God may be thinking the Southwestern United States or even the hemisphere. I don’t ever want to limit God to only what I can imagine.

As God was impressing upon me to pray, I released the sound of heaven over my region. At first it didn’t really make sense to me, knowing what happens in my area. But God showed me that even those that don’t know him will hear the sound of heaven, His glory will pour out like a blanket over the region. Those that are marching to a different drum will hear the sound and respond. That his glory will cause those that are receptive to turn back to him. Saints who have laid down the prayer mantle and given up on the city will pick it back up and begin to intercede again. My heart just melted!

You see, I have a heart for this region. I also have a problem with the church staying within the four walls of the sanctuary. In no way am I an evangelist or even have an evangelistic lean. But I know that what God has given us is His Kingdom and we need to bring others into the Kingdom but we need to love them where they are first. People don’t know their value because the world has either deceived them or beat it out of them. Their value is often in things that are not important. Broken places in our souls and spirits cause us to act outside of our original design and give the enemy of our very souls a place to operate. The devil seeks whom he can kill, steal from and destroy. Our weaknesses are opportunities for the devil, especially if we have no grid for dealing with the wounds.

So how to we get out of the four walls and reach them? I’m always looking for an opportunity for community outreach but I don’t know how to create one, sadly. I do know that the people I come in contact with on a daily basis are ones I can reach. I missed an opportunity last night as I was walking downtown because I was with others but I did pray over my city while I was there. That missed opportunity to reach out is bothering me still today. I won’t do that again. So when God prompts you to reach out to someone, do it. Your kind words may be all they need to feel loved. You don’t need to hammer them with the gospel and get them to say that little prayer to impact them for the Kingdom. Plant the seeds!

There is a whole world of people that are broken and hurting, even in the churches! What are you releasing over your city or region in your prayer time? Do you pray the problem or the solution is the next logical question to me. What ever is bound on earth is bound in heaven and whatever is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. So loose God’s goodness and blessings over your region, His glory and let him reach who he needs to reach. Partner with God for your region and see Him do great things!

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  1. I love the “You don’t need to hammer them with the gospel . . . ” statement. I see so many who just don’t get that. Beating them over the head with a Bible is the last thing you need to do to someone who may have no prior knowledge of Christ whatsoever. It’s the love of Christ that changes hearts. The Holy Spirit will deal with convicting others. It’s not our job.

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