Warring From Victory

Are you in a spiritual battle? We all have them from time to time. Its part of being a Christian. We were certainly reborn into a family but we are also called onto the battlefield as leaders when we accept Christ. I see and hear people all the time talking about how the devil is beating them up, and they are beat down and can’t ever catch a break. If I’m honest, these statements seriously frustrate me. The confessions of our mouth can bring life or death. We choose life or death based on what we say because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

So, What’s in Your Heart?

These types of confessions reveal the condition of the heart and the lies that we have bought into. See, we are not powerless little children, we are kings and queens with power and authority from heaven to have dominion and to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. While the enemy does have power to wreak havoc, he lacks authority in the believers life to maintain it. The only way that he can continue to battle us on the same issue is if we allow it. We are the ones with the authority to enforce the laws of the Kingdom of Light (that is the governing authority)

How is the Kingdom of Light the Ruling Authority?

Jesus won the war at the cross! When Jesus was crucified, He went deep into the enemies camp and took the keys right out of the devils hand. He removed the enemy’s authority over the people of the earth. Jesus then gave us all power and authority. As ambassadors of His Kingdom, we no longer have to fight for the victory. The war is won! Our battles are now to enforce the rules and laws of the kingdom.

What is the Battle About?

The attacks the enemy throws at us are not about what they seem to be about. The areas where the devil attacks us are about our identity and potential. His fear that we will use our God given authority causes him to launch attacks at us. If he can render us powerless or distract us enough that he throws us off the path towards our destiny, then he wins. He attacks us where we are most vulnerable, through our children, friends and family. The devil studies us and those we care the most about and plots ways to use weaknesses he finds to hinder us from being who we were called to be. Constantly, he seeks out whom he may devour among us. He sees the unhealed wounds and shames from our past that we shouldn’t even carry any more and exploits them for his benefit. Our charge is to stand up and be who God called us to be, rendering the devil powerless against us. When a battle does come, we have the weapons to win if we use them!

How to Stay Steady in the Battle!
  1. Know who you are! God created you out of love and continues to love you more than we can even imagine. He won’t abandon you-EVER! Knowing who God is and that you are deeply loved helps you to rest in Him and walk in what He has given us with power and authority and love for those the enemy uses to persecute us. Remember we are to pray for them as well (Matthew 5:44).
  2. Know the lies of the enemy. Exposing his lies for what they and dealing with them strengthens you and your relationship with God. His lies can keep us bound and deceived. Exposing the lies and replacing them with Gods truth makes us mighty and free.
  3. Healing wounds to your soul and spirit stop attacks. When you have wounds that you have nursed or allowed to fester, hidden from the light and ignored, those things give the enemy a place to work on you. Hidden shame and pain keep us bound. Ask the Lord to reveal any places where you have wounds that aren’t healed and any hidden shame. Often we don’t even know we carry the shame around like a badge of honor. Let God heal those places and make you whole that you can stand even stronger against the enemy.
  4. Worship is a mighty weapon. He gave us a garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness. When life is hard, sometimes it’s hard to praise Him through it. I urge you to do it anyway. He inhabits the praises of His people so when you are worshiping, His spirit invades the atmosphere inside you and outside of you. It strengthens you and helps you to hear His heart through the distractions, pain and chaos.
  5. Prayer keeps us connected to Him. Praying in your natural words and praying in the spirit are both mighty weapons. Praying in the spirit doesn’t always bring understanding with your mind but strengthens your spirit and allows you to pray His perfect will when you don’t even know what the right thing to pray is. We often pray amiss because we don’t stop to listen to His heart. We see the situation and we act on it. (I am very guilty of doing this!) Don’t pray the problem but pray the solution! For example: If you have a child that is an addict, pray freedom over them!
  6. Decrees and declarations from HIs word will never return void. Use the word of God as a weapon! If the word lines up with the situation then use it! Stand on the word. You have to know the word to stand on it but if you don’t know a specific scripture for the problem…google probably does.
  7. Stay in the word! Knowing the word deep in your spirit renews your mind and gives you freedom to act appropriately to any attack. It’s a two edged sword ready to be used at any given moment to send the devil packing.

The bottom line is that the war is won. Its up to us to enforce the law of the Kingdom of God through the little battles we face. The enemy may side swipe us from time to time but we should be able to recover quickly and battle from the position of victor rather than victim. We are victorious through Christ and we have the power AND the authority to send the devil packing. So do it already!


3 comments on “Warring From Victory”:

  1. Wow! A great post. Thanks for the great reminder. I know Satan is the enemy. He
    sneaks in when you are not expecting it and tries to knock you down. We are in a spiritual battle and we know who wins in the end. Life is hard but thank goodness we have our Savior & the Holy Spirit to guide and heal us when we get wounded in battle.

  2. Needed this reminder this morning. Sometimes we know in our hearts that its not God punishing us or causing havoc but the Devil trying to tear us away from our Hope in the Lord. Its easy to get paralyzed in the struggle and forget that we Jesus has already won the battle.

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