I want to address a few things happening right now. I, personally, don’t care about the statues that people are so upset over. There is one in my city,  Asheville, that is being debated because the person it represents was a racist. I had no idea about that fact and I’m sure many other Ashevillians are unaware as well. It’s a giant Obelisk and spiritually represents something much more insidious than Mr. Vance or even the phallic symbol that it is. If it were up for a vote, I would vote to take it down but my vote has nothing to do with Zebulon Vance. How many of us want to be remembered for just the bad things that we did in our life while any good we did is totally ignored? I sure don’t because I have done quite a few things that I am not proud of.

You can remove every statue that represents anything that is offensive to anyone and you will not change the history of this nation nor will you wipe the  spirit of offense from the land. Our schools already teach more story book than history book. White wash it all you want, it still happened and we can not ignore all the atrocities committed against African Americans, Native Americans and what about what happened to the Japanese Americans? Did we forget that? To my knowledge, no one from the highest ranks of government has issued a true apology to any of these people groups and us calling anyone from these groups names and demeaning them is counter productive and only serves to enlarge the divide.

Racism is alive and prospering today and not always in such blatant ways as Charlottesville. The more negative attention we give to these things the more evil grows. Hate can not drive out hate. (I believe that was a Martin Luther King Jr quote) This issue has deep deep roots in this country and until we address and kill the roots of this hate and bring healing and restoration to the brokenness, this problem will continue.

So take down all the statues you want, it doesn’t change the reality that people are living in right now. We are exposing our children to the hate as much as we are hating others. That hate goes all ways-not just white people hating black people. I still remember the first time I realized that there were some black people that hated me for the color of my skin and that has been repeated many times over the years but has gotten so much worse recently. I know people of color who feel slighted and mistreated frequently by white people and I have even seen the ugliness of it myself. It goes that way for other races as well. Don’t be fooled.

This Charlottesville mess is pure evil on all sides and a failure to act appropriately by the authorities. When I first started hearing about this, I was angry. I was angry at the those displaying hate in such a blatant and vivid way, destroying our country and the lives of people. I was angry at those who are supposed to be watchmen on the wall.

My heart broke and went out to all the people involved because broken people break others. My heart cry was where are the watchmen? Where were the intercessors when this happened? Where are the people of God who are supposed to be praying for this area? And God have I missed it for the area I’m supposed to be praying over? Have you placed a call for me to pray for an area or region for these types of things and I missed the call? Lord, please don’t let me miss the call to pray over areas for this very reason!

I have no answer for where the intercessors were, or why this happened only that hate and evil won this day and we need to pray, we need to repent and we need to listen! People are in need and we just stand in judgment, condemning them! Where are the ministers of restoration and love? This is what’s needed, not condemnation or mocking. Where are the people of God who are interceding over that area? Lord, please don’t let us miss it. Bring restoration, peace and love! People of God, it’s time to pray. This evil is 250 + years old, we have to correct this!

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