A Morning Routine to Supercharge Your Spiritual Life

I happen to believe that how we start our day sets the pace for the rest of the day. As life and seasons of life change, its been necessary to change my morning routine to accommodate my life. The routine I am sharing today is what works for me right now. Keep in mind that I am a morning person, so I cram a lot into my mornings!

I absolutely have to get up a minimum of 30 minutes before my son wakes up. When his feet hit the floor its on. Those times when he get up before me or at around the same time are very stressful for me. He is wild and unfocused and I am severely caffeine deficient so it is never a good morning. I need those few minutes to prepare myself for the day before I face anything.

When I first wake up, I start my coffee and sit down at the table with my journal and my planner. I journal how I felt when I woke up, any dreams I had and what I feel like God is saying to me for the day. I just listen for his voice while my coffee brews. Focusing my mind on Jesus. Many times I go ahead and put soft worship music on.

Then I go to my planner. My planner is a little intense for most people. I wanted it that way to keep everything together. I tried bullet journaling for my planner at one time but I couldn’t keep up with making the new layouts every week so I bought a ready made one. By this point my coffee is ready and I look at my day and anything planned and as I remember other things I need to accomplish I write those in as well. I list my to do and priorities and ask Jesus what my focus for the day will be.

During the week, this is when I get my son up. Make his breakfast and we work on his prayer journal before he gets ready for school. He is currently working through a war room resource. It’s a prayer journal for teens. Short daily chapters and short activities so he gets through his daily section in the morning. I’d like to say it only takes 10 minutes-which it would if he could focus but as I mentioned…wild and unfocused in the morning.

I spend time in worship and prayer once he leaves for school. Focusing my mind on what the Father’s hearts desire is for the day and praying for any needs and prayer requests.  One of the big things on my heart the last little bit is Puerto Rico and the intense devastation they are dealing with after hurricane Maria. I speak life, peace and the glory of God over my city and region.

After prayer, I do a devotional study. I have several short devotional books. I use those for when I’m in a hurry. The one I’m currently using for my devotional time is Lifestyle of a Watchman by James Goll. The daily readings are longer and contain more in depth study. At the end of the daily reading are questions to really think about what you read and process the information. I really like that! This is the book I’m using. (currently, no affiliate links)


LifeStyle of a Watchman


After reading my devotional I read a few of chapters from my Bible. I highlight and mark in my bible as I go. It helps me process and think about what I’m reading. I would LOVE to tell you that I have this elaborate system and each color I use means something specific, but alas….there is no rhyme or reason to the color except when the thought changes I change colors. Even though I have a journaling bible that has a blank page to write on in between each page, I tend to put sticky notes on those pages in case I think of something different later.



EVS Bible
My Bible

So, how about you? What do you do to supercharge your spiritual life? What does your morning look like?

5 comments on “A Morning Routine to Supercharge Your Spiritual Life”:

  1. I love this! I have to get up earlier than my sons to squeeze in my workout so I feel ready to start the day. But trying to find a few minutes of quiet time to spend with Jesus has been tough. Mornings are best for me or late at night, but mornings work because both kids are asleep at the same time. I have a three year old that doesn’t stop running for anything, loud and fast. I have a ton of devotionals that are on my to do list. I just need to make that consistent commitment.

    1. The commitment is the hard part! Once that is decided, you got the rest! I have spent a lot of time thinking of what I need to be doing and not actually doing anything about it! Blessings!

  2. I start and end my day with my nose in my bible or on my knees in prayer. I find it the best way to cope with all of life’s craziness. I got out of that routine for a long while and it definitely made an impact on how I coped and it wasn’t good. It took a near tragedy to wake me up and get God back in my life. I’m never turning back!!

  3. This is a really beautiful post. I am impressed you spend so much time in devotion. I am an atheist, but I do much of the same routine you do, though I have an 8 month old who sleeps in the bed with me, and I am up late writing, so she wakes me up in the morning. Then my five year old comes in to join us. But what you call Jesus, I just call peace or “the universe,” and I spend thirty minutes each morning on my yoga mat with my girls preparing for the day, and, of course, like most moms everywhere, waiting for the coffee to be ready.

    1. Mornings are my best time! I may only have a few minutes (like 10) in the evening to do any reading or writing before I’m so tired my brain turns to mush! I have never been a night owl though. I’m glad you could get something from my post! Blessings!

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