Blessings From Ephesians One

This morning as I was going over some decrees and writing new ones for the new year, I stopped at Ephesians 1. There are certain books in the Bible that really get me going and Ephesians is one of them. These simple thoughts on the spiritual blessings mentioned by Paul in his letter to the church at Ephesus spoke to me this morning.

Blessed With Every Spiritual Blessing

Verse 3 says that we are blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places. He blessed us with all of them! I don’t know what all of them are but I’m pretty sure I haven’t accessed ALL. Paul lists some spiritual blessings in the next few verses but I feel like there are more. We have been endued with power, given the Holy Spirit for intimacy with God, given gifts of the spirit, some of us are to be gifts to the body of Christ and we were given the ability to use the name of Jesus to heal the sick and cast out demons. So while Paul’s list is pretty good, I do not believe for a moment that it’s exhaustive (neither is mine by the way). So what are a few of the things Paul include in his list to the church at Ephesus?

Chosen Before the Foundation of the World

Many people stop there, implying that God chose them before the foundation of the world. They believe that one statement justifies them, however, the verse goes on to say we were chosen to be holy and blameless. The amplified version describes holy as set apart for Him, consecrated and purpose driven. The word for holy in Greek is Hagios which carries the connotation of different from the world. Helps word study states it means “likeness of nature with the Lord”. He chose us for a purpos. There are multiple places where God says be Holy as I am Holy. He wants us to be like Him but we can’t do that unless we know who He is, His nature and heart. The people you spend the most time with are the ones you act like so who are you spending most of your time with?


We were adopted and grafted into the family. As an adopted child we have all the benefits that we would have if we were born naturally into a family. Rejection and loneliness are not part of our heavenly inheritance even if it was part of our earthly inheritance. We can cry Abba, Father at anytime and He will reach down His hand for us. He allows us to sit in His the lap and let Him love us, we are the beloved. Access to everything in heaven is granted to us as we mature in Him. (You wouldn’t give the keys to your car to a 7 year old and say go to the store for me so why would God give us something we couldn’t handle. It would be detrimental to us and He is a good Father.) His grace and favor were bestowed on us as His beloved Children.


Through the blood of Christ we were redeemed. Our healing was provided, our deliverance set in motion and the penalty for our sins paid in full. All we have to do is appropriate it! Every need we could have was addressed, the table was set before our enemies like a buffet that they can see but not touch. Everything we will ever need is on that table. Oh you need provision? It’s there! You need healing? Reach out and take it, it’s yours! We are fully redeemed in every area of our life, even if we aren’t currently walking it out. It’s available to all of us, thanks to Jesus sacrifice.

The Mystery of His Will

Sounds intense doesn’t it? In Luke 8 Jesus said it was given to us to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Growing our relationship with God will allow us access to deeper and deeper revelation about the mysteries of God. The bible is full of mysteries and revelation and we gain deeper and deeper understanding as we dig deeper into His word. He gives us access to know His will and intentions. His ultimate goal is unity, for it to be on Earth as it is in Heaven.


We were chosen, redeemed, and given access to the Holy of Holies for a purpose, to be the praise of his glory. God chose us to be set apart, holy and blameless before Him and like any good father. He gives us what we need to be what He called and chose us to be. His plan and purpose for us is revealed through His word and through our personal relationship with Him. We have the word of God as a general guideline to know Him, His will and His character. It gives us a general instruction for our lives but in our intimacy with Him, he reveals our specific purpose and His specific will. Seek His face and His kingdom and everything else is yours as well!


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